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In our Onboarding Hub, we provide you with everything you need to know to get the most out of Confrix. In this section, learn how Confrix makes your life easier, get a quick overview of the key features and important pilot instructions.

Why Confrix: Introduction

Get a quick introduction to Confrix and how it can make your life easier by former consultant and co-founder Dr. Johannes Bramann.

Getting started: Key Feature Overview

A quick overview over Confrix’s key features. Master these, and you’ll be well-equipped to start using Confrix.

Pilot Instructions

Please follow these 3 instructions to ensure a successful pilot. Thank you!

Features consultants will love!

In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at each of Confrix’s features. In each video, you’ll first be given a short walkthrough through the functionality and after that, we’ll answer a couple of frequently asked questions.

Linking Data

Create a link between Excel and PowerPoint to update all values in your slidedeck with one click. Paste data into all existing shapes, textboxes and tables or paste onto a blank slide using our standard formatting.

Formatting Data

Format the way linked data is displayed. You can add pre-and suffixes, round numbers or set decimals.

Updating Data

Update all linked data to the latest versions of the connected Excel sources. After you update, Confrix highlights the linked data and shows the status of the link.

Reviewing Data

Use Confrix to review your presentation data in three ways: Data Validation, Source Library and the Data Library

Leveraging Notifications

As you work, Confrix is on the lookout for potential issues and will proactively alert you to avoid data inconsistencies. Learn how to make most of this feature.

Tracing Data Origin

Open the underlying Excel Source and find the origin cell marked for your review.

Live Demo

Our live synchronization feature updates changes in Excel to your PowerPoint in real-time. Wow your clients for example by demonstrating the impact of assumption changes directly in the PowerPoint slide deck.

Non-Confrix Users

Non-Confrix users, such as your clients, will see a regular PowerPoint presentation. They’ll be able to see and work with everything, as usual, allowing you to continue collaborating. Learn how you can see where clients made changes to your data


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